[Gimp-developer] Reading and saving of 3D MPO files in GIMP

Hi all,

I have a 3D camera which generates MPO files. When I open such a file in GIMP the program reads only the first JPEG picture in this file but not the second one. On this site (http://cstein.kings.cam.ac.uk/~chris/mposplit/index.html) there is a sourcecode which splits the MPO file in two JPEG files. Is it possible to implement an import filter which reads the MPO file and loads the right picture as layer 1 and the left picture as layer 2, for example? The advantage of this would be that the right and left picture are edited simultaneously in the same way when I edit a 3D picture.

I can help to implement and to test this but I don't have any experience with the gimp sourcecode and the structures of the JPEG files.

Kind regards,

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