Re: [Gimp-developer] that typing business...

On 04/28/12 03:05, Miles Bader wrote:
gg<gg catking net>  writes:
An interface that makes you drop your focus on the mouse pointer, look
down at the keyboard and them back at a different part of the screen
to see whether it has found a match ...

Wait, you look at the keyboard when you use it...?


I'm quite capable of touch typing when dealing with text, that's what I'm doing now.

However, if I'm working with one hand on the mouse I'm likely to have the other hand at rest , not hovering over the keyboard either.

Now I could try stabbing around in the dark like a blind man and locate the keyboard by Braille. I reality I'm going to look down to see where it is and where the alt key is since that would be two orders of magnitude quicker.

Assuming the user is using a real mouse of graphics pad as pointing device HUD makes you break the flow to swap back and forth betweem mouse and keyboard.

This makes such an interface more of a down-up-down  : DUD.


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