Re: [Gimp-developer] that typing business...

On 04/27/12 23:23, peter sikking wrote:
OK, I cannot resist quoting this review:


it uses GIMP to discuss ubuntu’s HUD. but then:

‘Of course GIMP is an app that lends itself to the mouse so
switching to the keyboard to use the HUD isn't always faster.’

if a software reviewer, with (I postulate) nowhere near the
speed demands of our core users, can see the flaw, then...

yes, context is everything in interaction design,


         founder + principal interaction architect
             man + machine interface works
 on interaction architecture

An interface that makes you drop your focus on the mouse pointer, look down at the keyboard and them back at a different part of the screen to see whether it has found a match ...

We called it heads up display because once you lowered your head(s) to look at the keyboard, you'll need to raise your _heads up_ again.

Clever , no ?


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