Re: RFE: predefined (and customizable) list of aspect ratio values in Crop tool options

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 5:42 PM, Olivier <olecarme gmail com> wrote:
> With your encouragements I tried further. I have the impression that in
> order to use a specific tool preset, first I must choose a tool different
> from the one I'm using, otherwise selecting the tool preset I need has no
> effect. Is there something hidden that I don't understand?
If you have the pereset you want to apply currently active you need to
switch to a different preset for a moment. Its a minor annoyance that
needs a fix. But tool gets changed automatically to the one in preset.
If you have only one preset you will need to have one other to swap

> In other words, I want to use the Crop tool with a specific set of options I
> saved before, and which by the way does not deal with the options that are
> shown in the Tool Preset Editor (none of them). If the Crop tool is
> currently selected, I must first select another tool, then select the tool
> preset I saved before.
Tool preset editor lets you control what aspects of the preset get
applied, not the preset itself. Creating and updating the preset is
perhaps clearer if done in the tool options menu.


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