Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Jim Michaels wrote:

> Is there some way to make textures?  stitch photos taken from various points
> of view? well, I can always do that with microsoft ICE or other programs
> made for panos, but not everybody knows about that -  people will use what
> is built into the program they have (after all, that's all that can be done,
> right...?). - and I know this is wrong thinking, but when you don't
> implement features, the user doesn't know any better - most of the time, but
> then there are the power users who want it all and do just about everything
> with the program, and there are plenty of them out there.

So what you are trying to say is: "I know this is wrong, but do it anyway."

GIMP is intended to be a tool for professional use. Professionals are
people who know they should pick the right tool for the job. If a user
doesn't know, what the right tool is, and doesn't want to be educated,
that user isn't a professional and hence is outside of the target user
group. End of story.

> "Please use darktable"
> what darktable?  it doesn't exist in 2.6.11 nor in the plugin registry.
> vaporware.  or someone is just being dark. :-/  I don't even like the name.


Just when you think you got rid of ugly trolling in this mailing list,
reality delivers a punch in the face.

If you want to continue the conversation in a constructive manner,
please make an effort of being reasonable.

> "Gimp is just GIMP." seems so mediocre. I was hoping to spur some
> Excellence.  maybe someone can come up with some radical new ideas for photo
> imaging and put it into GIMP.  I have already heard of one excellent idea
> which became a plugin.

We have no end of interesting ideas. It's developers we are short of.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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