Re: State of the project

2009/12/10 Javier Jardón <javierjc1982 gmail com>:
> El día 10 de diciembre de 2009 13:45, Guilhem Bonnefille
> <guilhem bonnefille gmail com> escribió:
>> I vote for.
>> Mathias seems really really overbooked. I suggest to wait a week
>> (max.) waiting for his opinion.
> OK, wait for the Mathias response then

+1 I have a Russian translation waiting in line from a contributor ;)

>> Personnally, I hope to find more spare time to invest in giggle. I
>> checked your repo and your patches seem really interesting.
> Great, also, there are some interesting patches in bugzilla too ;)
> About my patches: giggle is now GTK+3 ready (It doesn't use deprecated
> symbols or libraries and use accessor functions instead direct access)

Good to hear that, maybe we could put out a release somewhere in the future!
You can count on me to do some testing and minor bugfixing (as I'm not
a C programmer...) of course...

Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś

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