Git repository browsers, drag'n'drop and backlinks

I sent similar messages to the maintainers of gitg and giggle before,
without response, so I thought I'd try the mailing lists instead.
Maybe somebody has a comment or suggestion. Please excuse the
cross-posting, but I think cross-project agreement would be helpful.

I think it would be nice if the repo browsers offered a drag'n'drop
content type that allowed backlinking to the repository.

Drag'n'drop one or multiple commits into a Notepad, Desktop wiki, or
TODO-Tracker-Program. The program creates links with the link text set
to the brief commit message (first line of the commit message), and
when the link is clicked, the repository browser is presented to the
user with the commit in question selected. Kind of like linking to
webgit pages from bugtrackers, only locally.

What would be required was:

1. Definition of a d'n'd content type (e.g. "git/commit-list").

2. Definition of the corresponding data, e.g.
 - reposity path
 - commit sha of selected commit 1
 - commit sha of selected commit 2
 - commit sha of selected commit 3
 - ...
all in a string, separated by newlines or \0 or whatever.

3. A method for the repository browser to select a commit given a sha,
e.g. "repo-browser-name --select <sha>" 

Any oppinions?


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