Re: State of the project

2009/8/22 Łukasz Jernaś <deejay1 srem org>:
> Dnia 2009-08-20, czw o godzinie 12:59 +0200, Guilhem Bonnefille pisze:
>> Hi,
>> 2009/8/19 Javier Jardón <javierjc1982 gmail com>:
>> > I would like to ask about the status of the project.
>> I share the same question.
>> IMHO, the project is not dead, but it seems the Mathias has few time
>> currently. Do we need to find/create a new maintenance team?
>> > I have seen that there are several pending patches in bugzilla and the
>> > currently code in the git repo doesn't compiles. :(
> Well, IMHO you, Guilhem, should apply for a GNOME account and take it
> over until Mathias finds more time to work on it

Hello again,

I have commit access to Gnome git repo now.
I can create a new repo for giggle if you are still interested (and
Mathias agree, of course)


Javier Jardón Cabezas

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