Re: [Gegl-developer] Problem building a simple example

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 8:37 AM, Alexandre Quessy <alexandre quessy net> wrote:
Hello again,

2013/2/24 Alexandre Quessy <alexandre quessy net>:
Now, I am facing another issue: there is no "display" operation.

Maybe I should build a more recent version ot it to get more operations?

Of course you should if you intend to try to do development on top of,
you should also read the NEWS files of the source release ;)

I have a few questions:
* How can I list the operations I have installed? (something like gst-inspect)

Take a look at the documentation you build as part of building GEGL,
it will even contain preliminary gallery of all effects.

* Is the GLSL implementation working?

No, GEGL uses OpenCL not GLSL for GPU acceleration, I again refer you
to the NEWS files of actual releases.

* What is the most recent version of GEGL I can build on Ubuntu
Precise? Is there a PPA for a cutting-edge version for it?

No idea, I'd recommend building from source - though if there is PPAs
for GIMP they will also include GEGL as development versions of GIMP
rely on very recent GEGLs.

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