Re: [Gegl-developer] Problem building a simple example

Hello again,

2013/2/24 Alexandre Quessy <alexandre quessy net>:
Now, I am facing another issue: there is no "display" operation.

Maybe I should build a more recent version ot it to get more operations?

I have a few questions:
* How can I list the operations I have installed? (something like gst-inspect)
* Is the GLSL implementation working?
* What is the most recent version of GEGL I can build on Ubuntu
Precise? Is there a PPA for a cutting-edge version for it?

I am sorry if my questions are quite simple, but I didn't find the
answers for them, yet.
Alexandre Quessy - Artiste en nouveaux médias - Membre de Perte de signal - Chercheur-développeur SAT

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