[gedit-list] IDE based on gedit

Hi everyone,

Some years ago I started writing a new IDE for Linux in Python. The
idea behind it was: Make it slim, fast and extensible with plugins.
Just like gedit is. In fact gedit is my favorite "IDE" for Linux, but
it's lacking some important features I needed.

I tried to implement them as plugins but after a while I realized that
it was to complicated. Furthermore I would lose my lightweight text
editor and instead open up an IDE every time I would want to edit some
configuration file.

But writing an IDE from scratch? Not an option if I wanted to be
feature complete. Rather I decided to create something like a fork of
gedit, but written in Python. The clue is that I want plugins to be
compatible, so that most of the work can be handled as plugins and
therefore will be available to gedit users, too. Moreover that avoids
rewritten some needed IDE features like code completion or a class

I named this IDE Taluka and started about 3 years ago. Unfortunately I
never had enough time to finish. Anyway: What do you think of the
general idea and would someone even like to help out?

Code so far: https://github.com/jhasse/taluka


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