[gedit-list] Suggestion

Hi there,

I write to this list to suggest a new feature in gEdit :

I'd like to have the "Find" dialog integrated in the main gEdit window, for few reasons :

1. I use Compiz's "ADD Helper" to darken background windows, and so, I see almost nothing in the main window when the focus is on the "Find" dialog. 2. Even when I don't use this Compiz feature, the dialog hides what is below (logically), and I always have to move it from up to down and vice versa, while I don't have a lot of vertical space (I have a netbook, and so, a 1024x600 resolution). 3. There is a lot of room in my toolbar, and the "Find" dialog has a lot of unused space (right at the right of the check-boxes and labels, as example).


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