Re: [gedit-list] GEdit 2.30 Auto Indentation Behaviour Change?

In Eclipse, as in Geany, space stripping is optional.  And that's what's

The issue is not whether the new space stripping behavior is preferable. 
It's that it is a preference.  Please consider that whether to include the
option of disabling the feature should not be judged on the basis of whether
having it enabled happens to be the developing programmer's preference, even
if it's a strong preference.

Gedit is a general-purpose editor for countless types of documents.  It
should not presume that all documents should be formatted according to
certain rules or edited in a certain manner.  Auto-indentation is a basic
editor feature to simply maintain the level of indentation in a new line. 
Automatically stripping spaces is a special additional feature that Gedit
has never had and that some users may want, some may want for some types of
documents and not others, and some may very much not want.

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