Re: [gedit-list] gedit Feature request: split window horizontally or vertically

TrustLeap Pierre wrote:

I am so impressed by gedit that I'll interface
with gedit to provide an IDE to my ANSI-C scripts powered
Web server.

Feature request:

Splitting the gedit window horizontally or vertically would
allow to edit (or compare for differences) two documents side-by-side (possibly showing differences with color codes in the magin of each side).
We are working on natively supporting this in gedit 3.0 which should be finished somewhere next year. You can follow the work in the multiview branch if you want, but at the moment it is probably not very usable.

I think there might be a plugin out somewhere that implements split view, but I don't know how good it is, or how well maintained. Other than that, you can always drag one tab out of the window to create a new window to kind of create the split window idea (at least you can view two different files at the same time).



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