[gedit-list] gedit developer plugins 0.3.1 (2.28.0) released

gdp-0.3.1 (2.28.0): Markup completion

This release adds XML-based markup completion.

    * Detection is based on the language/highlighting of the document.
      The supported languages are: XML, XSLT, HTML, Mallard, Docbook, and
      Zope page templates.
    * When opening a tag, the completer suggests other open or empty tags
      that are already in the document.
    * When closing a tag, the complete suggests the tags that are still open
      before the cursor. This is helpful, though not perfect. The root element
      for example, will always be listed since it is closed at the end of the
    * When the adding an attribute, the completer suggests the attributes that
      were used in other tags.
    * You still need to know the markup's grammatical rules since elements
      and attributes are suggested from context rather than schema.
    * The implementation could be extended to suggest elements and attributes
      for specific grammars.

Important changes.

    * The completion key accelerator has changed from <Control><Shift>Space to
      <Control>Slash (Ctrl+/) to avoid conflicts with HTML snippet commands.

See screenshots at http://curtis.hovey.name/gallery/Sinzui/gdp-2-28-0
Get the tarball at https://launchpad.net/gdp
Ubuntu/Debian archive https://launchpad.net/~sinzui/+archive/ppa


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