Re: [gedit-list] gedit Feature request: split window horizontally or vertically

Since this was mentioned, maybe it's appropriate to say we're also implementing an IDE for Shoebot ( via a Python plug-in for Gedit. The Gedit architecture is so good and flexible that we're ditching our old PyGTK/GtkSourceView based IDE and using Gedit for the job.

Gedit is a wonderful piece of software and the Python plug-in architecture is top stuff!
Many sincere thanks to all the developers reading this.


TrustLeap Pierre wrote:

I am so impressed by gedit that I'll interface
with gedit to provide an IDE to my ANSI-C scripts powered
Web server.

Feature request:

Splitting the gedit window horizontally or vertically would
allow to edit (or compare for differences) two documents side-by-side (possibly showing differences with color codes in the magin of each side).


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