[gedit-list] perl regular expressions as tools

I come from Apple's MPW - Macintosh Programmer's Workshop - which runs only on classic Macs and is not supported for OS X. I miss it.

In MPW the text files that you work with usually contain shell commands that are executed by selecting them and poking the ENTER key which is not the same as a RETURN as it is on a Windoze-style keyboard. There were commands for editing what Apple called a "target" window which was just another text file which might not even be opened.

The commands you use stick around and a worksheet soon collects a bunch of things that you do all of the time.  So. . . . 

Have a look at: <ftp://ftp.macnauchtan.com/Software/gedit/target/installtarget.txt> and, if you like, the other files in that directory.

cd somewhere and then:
curl -O ftp://ftp.macnauchtan.com/Software/gedit/target/installtarget.txt
will do it in a terminal session.

What it all is is a pack of gedit tools that allow you to set up one of the open files in a gedit window as a target. After you do that you can execute perl commands, especially the ones that do substitutions with regular expressions, on the target file.

It's been working for me for a couple of weeks but it's probably a certainty that it will break when other folks try things. If it sounds interesting please give it a try and let me know if you're interested in a more robust implementation with nice error messages.

It needs 2.28.0 or better but it doesn't need the promised fixes to the tools bugs that I have identified before.

And all testing was done with ubuntu 9.10 Linux.


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