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At the moment, this is not possible out of the box. However, the file browser plugin is accessible from other plugins for some time now using the gedit message bus. This means that in principle, the external tools plugin can get this kind of information from the file browser plugin.

I can think of two possible solutions right now:

1) Add some extra environment variables like GEDIT_FILE_BROWSER_CURRENT_DIR which you could use in external tools

2) Implement 'internal tools' in external tools. These tools would run in the gedit process, using python, giving it full access to gedit internals, and thus the message bus. Basicly, you would write kind of mini plugins.

Both solutions require work on the external tools plugin, so no immediate fixes. Solution 1 would be the simplest to implement, and if you're interested you could try doing this yourself.


On Nov 23, 2009, at 9:26 AM, Steve Frécinaux wrote:

Hello Donato,

This kind of questions is best asked on gedit-list.


donato rotunno wrote:
Hi steve,
I'm getting in touch with you since I have a question for you as the
author of the plugin..
I'd like to use External Tools in conjunction with Filebrowser plugin
so I can issue actions (defined as External Tools) related to items in
the Filebrowser.
An example is SVN commands on the currently selected directory in Filebrowser.
Is this actually possible?If not, how can this be accomplished?
Thanks in advance, donato rotunno (aka ralf57)

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