Re: [gedit-list] how to compose a highlighting script for GrADS script language


one thing I realized looking at that lang file is that you made one lang file for 2 langs (Grads and CTL)
can't you split it in 2 lang files?
Also would be better if you could create a bug in in the product gtksourceview
and attach your files there, so it is easy to review.


On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 2:12 PM, 163 <efrankhe 163 com> wrote:
hi, dear friends,
Here is a script languae, GrADS script, and related CTL file, popularly used in meteorological
community. I made a grads.lang for them, but it fails to work. Not familiar with python,
which has nothing to do with my daily work, I could not afford much time to learn this python
language more.
Would somebody kindly do me a favor to modify this grads.lang file, so gedit could highlighting
.gs and .ctl files correctly?
Attached is a CTL and a GrADS script file, as well as the grads.lang.
Best Regards.
Frank  HE

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