[gedit-list] Ubuntu 9.10 or gedit 2.28.0 tool test request

Ubuntu newly upgraded to 9.10, gedit 2.28.0
I seriously don't know if it's me or another bug:

Please try this test tool in version 2.28.0:

# [Gedit Tool]
# Comment=Read finance snippet into selection
# Name=Finance_Get
# Languages=plain
# Applicability=all
# Output=new-document
# Input=nothing
# Save-files=nothing
echo "# asking for environment list"
echo "# end of environment list"

Does it create a new document in the gedit window?
Are the environment variables listed correctly with no extra lines inserted?

Change output to insert instead of new-document
Do you get all of the environment variables?  I get only 31 of them.

Is there anything funny about variable:
It seems to depend on the position of the cursor when the tool is executed.
Try it at the left end of a blank line in the middle of your working sheet.


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