Re: [gedit-list] problem saving

At 09:29 +0200 4/17/09, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
Samuel de Champlain wrote:
 I use Gedit 2.24.3 on Fedora 10. When saving, I often get this message:
 Could not create a temporary backup file while saving /home/me/path/to/file
 gedit could not backup the old copy of the file before saving the
new one. You can ignore this warning and save the file anyway, but
if an error occurs while saving, you could lose the old copy of the
file. Save anyway?
 Sometimes the problem goes away for some unknowned reason.
 The aforementionned file belongs to me and is member of my group.
I have read and write access. Selinux system default enforcing mode
is disabled.

Do you have write permissions on the containing folder?
If you do, I suggest you get support from Fedora...

The problem is wider than that.  On ubuntu 8 and gedit 2.24 I have
never been able to save a document in my home directory while
including the backup version with the ~ character at the end.
Subdirectories of $HOME work fine.

And most of us have write access to $HOME. A prior presence of a *~
file seems not to make any difference.

I first saw the problem with an upgrade to gedit that came via the
ubuntu guise. Yes. There were simultaneous updates to other software.
It occurred well before I did any experimentation with SELinux.

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