Re: [gedit-list] HTTP PUT

James Leigh wrote:
Hi all,

It is obvious that gedit supports HTTP GET as it can open any http text
file in the "Open Location" dialog. However, it always seems to be
read-only (even when the server supports HTTP PUT).

What would need to change for gedit to support saving text files to a
http location url?

There is a gconf key which specifies which protocols gedit allows writing to:
Other were considered not reliable enough to be enabled by default (understand: it caused data loss to some people)

Default is [dav, davs, sftp, smb, ssh], but you could add something else.

If it doesn't work, you must know gedit doesn't handle directly access to remote files. It goes through an abstraction layer, which is either gnomevfs (before gnome 2.24 or gnome 2.25, I'm not sure) or gvfs (later). So if there is some limitation in remote access you have, you should fix gvfs.

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