Re: [gedit-list] Why overwrite_mode_statusbar and cursor_position_statusbar are gtk_statusbar widget and not simple gtk_label ?

Il giorno ven, 02/05/2008 alle 11.48 +0000, KLEIN Stéphane ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I've look "gedit-statusbar.c". I note "statusbar->priv->overwrite_mode_statusbar" 
> and "statusbar->priv->cursor_position_statusbar" are gtk_statusbar widget. Why ?
> Personally, I think this two widget must be simple gtk_label because cursor_position
> and overwrite_mode don't need to maintain a stack of messages.
> What is your view about it ?

There are two reasons: 

1) to ensure consistent styling with the rest of the statusbar with any
2) because paching a label there would need hacks to make the
resize-handle to not cover the labels at any dpi/resolution.

Why does it matter for you?


> Regards,
> Stephane
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