Re: [gedit-list] Matching brackets

Il giorno mar, 26/09/2006 alle 12.09 +0200, Marcus Lunzenauer ha
> Hi!
> I have two questions in regard to the "highlight matching brackets" 
> feature of gedit.
> limit
> =====
> Is there some kind of limit applied to this functionality? If the 
> matching bracket is a certain amount of lines off,  this feature will 
> not be used, right? Can I increase that limit?

Yes, there is a limit for two reasons 1) performance 2) chances are that
two brackets so distant are not related at all. The limit is hardcoded
in gtksourceview.

> "jump to matching bracket"
> ==========================
> Is there a shortcut to jump to the matching bracket (similar to the '%' 
> in vi(m))? If not, can this be done in a plugin? Is there such a thing?

No there isn't yet, but maybe we should consider including it... the
usual issue is finding a good shortcut: good key combinations are a
limited resource and we should choose carefully which ones to consume.

Apart from that, doing it as a plugin is definately doable: there is
even a gtk_source_buffer_find_matching_bracket() function. In fact you
could even reimplement the bracket highlighting in the plugin setting a
higher (or no) limit.

I don't think such plugin exists yet.


> Thanks a lot,
> Marcus
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