Re: [gedit-list] gedit worked, now doesn't :-(

Il giorno lun, 25/09/2006 alle 13.25 -0700, John Oliver ha scritto:
> I have a couple of users who are reporting problems with gedit this
> morning.

Hi John,

> One is running Red Hat 9 with gedit-2.2.0-1
> The other has Red Hat WS 4 with gedit-2.8.1-4

As you know these versions of gedit are very old, so it's very hard for
us to support them or even recall which kind of bugs were fixed. I am
pretty sure this one as been fixed though because we used to get this
kind of reports but now we do not get them anymore.

> There are other people with WS 4 or with other, older Red Hat machines.
> I do not know if they are not experiencing problems, if they haven't
> noticed / reported any yet, or if they just do not use gedit :-)

Could it be that these people are all working on a common file (or set
of files) using a specific encoding? The error seems related to the
encoding of the file that gedit is trying to open. In particular I seem
to recall that back in the day we had issues with UTF16 files which are
common on windows... are these people working on files moved from/to

But this is just guessing...


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