Re: [gedit-list] latex editing with gedit

I agree 100%.  In spending some time thinking about how to implement
such a thing, I came up with a few ideas.  First, I was think about
having a drop down menu with various commands such as: compile, compile
ps, compile pdf (and eventually compile and view).  I was wondering
about adding keybinding shortcuts to such commands as well.  The toolbar
was something I was also envisioning for future development once this is
done.  This would probably have a compile button (to dvi) as just a
quick access.  Now the thing that I am wondering is how to go about
this.  I tried scanning through some of the current plugins on cvs and
most have Glade files and are written in C.  Is this the best way to add
menu items and whatnot?  I am more experienced in C anyway and have
worked a little in GTK, but not a lot.  If you have any more suggestions
based on this new information, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Jeff Ward <wardjm clarkson edu>

On Fri, 2005-09-30 at 17:55 +0200, Paolo Maggi wrote:
> Hi,
> 	since I use LaTeX for my work too, I am also really interested in
> seeing such a plugin.
> I think this plugins should:
> 1) Help in "compiling" .tex files and creating .dvi, .ps and/or .pdf
> files (and eventually it should launch the viewers)
> 2) Help in editing LaTeX files, it could for example add a LaTeX toolbar
> (like the ones you see in most editors support LaTeX).
> I think point 1 is the most important one.
> Ciao,
> Paolo

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