Re: [gedit-list] latex editing with gedit

Il giorno ven, 30/09/2005 alle 14.17 +0200, G� Debongnie ha scritto:
> I really love gedit, for being a simple, nice text editor.  But i only
> miss one thing, and gedit would be perfect for latex editing.  It is a
> "Typeset" button in the toolbar, which would allow me to compile and
> preview my latex files. I don't know if it's easy to do, but i'm not a
> programmer.  I hoped i could find a plugin, but didn't find any.

Hello G�, I am glad that you like gedit.
This kind of functionality has indeed been requested more than once and
some people expressed interest in writing a plugin, but unfortunately I
haven't seen any.

In the upcoming versions of gedit writing plugins is way easier, just a
few lines of python, and I really hope to see this and many other
plugins get done.
At the moment there is the shell command plugin, but I know it is way
subotimal for this task.


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