Re: [gedit-list] gedit tasks (user documentation for the plugins)


Oops - I have to apologize.  Didn't realize I'd sent to you by mistake -
not the list.  Sorry :(

> I'd like to incorporate it in the current gedit online help written by
> Irene Ryan from Sun.
> I think you should read the current documentation and see how to 
> incorporate it.
Yup, doing that right now.  I'm taking a look at the gedit.xml file and
seeing how it is written.  When I write up the final copy it should be
in the same style the rest was written it.

> You should also contact Irene (irene ryan sun com).
Should I do this now or after I've read the stuff on the gdp page?  I'll
be asking for tips on how to integrate the new sections into the
document for sure.

> About how to make it... I think you should ask to the gnome document 
> guys on #docs (
> and give a look at
I'll be reading through this very thoroughly.  Thanks for the link :) 
I'll get in touch with the guys on #docs as soon as I get the stuff on
the website down pat.

> Irene: any suggestion from you? 
Any starting tips would be appreciated :)

> I'd like to have it completed for gnome 2.2 or, even better, for the
> of this year.
Will definitely work towards the end of the year then.  Are these docs
to be translated?  If so, do I have to get it in earlier for

Glad to start helping :)  I like gedit2 a lot!


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