[gedit-list] Re: Gedit QA

Hi Andrew,

> I'm the person on the other end of gedit-qa-maint gnome org; I'm meant
> to keep the gedit bugs in bugzilla in a reasonable condition.


> I was wondering what to do with old (pre-gnome-2) bugs - should they be
> closed with a "Please upgrade" message, or are old versions of gedit
> still maintained?

hehe... you read in my mind. I was just thinking to this problem.

IMO, pre gedit 0.9.4 bugs should be closed as "Please upgrade".
The gedit version presents in RH 7.1 is broken too, so we should tell
the users to upgrade or to get a new version from Ximian.

For gedit 0.9.x (x >= 4) bugs, we should tell the user to upgrade too,
but I think we should not close these bugs (for the moment).

I hope to have time to release gedit 1.0.0 using the gedit 0.9.7 code +
new translations + some fixes.

Thanks for your help.


Paolo Maggi                      E-mail: maggi athena polito it
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A Bugless Program is an Abstract Theoretical Concept.

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