Re: [gedit-list] gedit tasks (user documentation for the plugins)

Hi Ajit,


	I saw your request for people to help with gEdit and I would like to
start work on the user documentation for the plugins.

What information do I need to get started on this?
I'd like to incorporate it in the current gedit online help written by Irene Ryan from Sun. I think you should read the current documentation and see how to incorporate it.
You should also contact Irene (irene ryan sun com).
About how to make it... I think you should ask to the gnome document guys on #docs (
and give a look at

Irene: any suggestion from you?

Also, ideally
when would you like this completed?

I'd like to have it completed for gnome 2.2 or, even better, for the end of this year.

I'm cc-ing to Irene.

Thanks for your help.


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