Re: [gedit-list] Syntax Highlighting


I know I am new to this group, but I was browsing the TODO list and
and noticed syntax highlighting was on the list.  Has anyone given
any thought to SciTE (
It is really powerfull and really fast.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea since it is written in
C++ and only supports GTK+ 1.2.x : )

The scintilla widget does support gtk+2. The SciTE editor does not.

But what about the gtksourceview widget? It seems to be quite competent.
You can find it in gnome cvs if you want to take a look...

gedit is a core gnome 2.0 application, so we cannot rely on libs that are not in the core development platform (such as scintilla or gtksourceview).

But, since we are using GtkTextView and GtkSourceView, I think we could steal some code from GtkSourceView and bluefish, even if I'm not completely sure they are working well with internationalized text (this requirement is a priority for gedit).


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