Re: [Geary] "Always watch for new mail" preference: better alternatives?

On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 1:33 PM, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> wrote
Okay, in lieu of feedback from anyone else I'm going to go with this option, and remove managing autostart in favour of letting people use their existing desktop tools to do so. This will probably mean removing the "--hidden" command line option, and obviate Bug 789679 when running under Flatpak. //Mike

Hi Mike,

Sorry for late reply.

I am against removing --hidden option. I want to autostart geary but I don't want it to popup every-time system reboots. To start geary silently in background, --hidden is required. No? May be you could separate autostart option from "always watch for new mail". 

For notification, I prefer in-app settings as it is because non every desktop use gnome-control-center.

A different approach altogether would be to remove the auto-start aspect, but keep the hidden-in-the background feature, and let people manage launching it themselves — either by launching Geary manually or by using their desktop's built-in tools/preferences to enable it to auto-start. This would allow the preference and tooltip text to be simplified to something like:
Preference: "Notify of new mail in the background"
Tooltip: "Geary will remain running even when the main window is closed"

I prefer this more. Text for preference and tooltip can be changed though as suggested before.

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