Re: [Geary] "Always watch for new mail" preference: better alternatives?

I put the list back in Cc.
I like your proposal at the bottom of the email.

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NB there's some historical discussion of this at: <>

Ok, I'll add a link to this discussion.


Although the help text doesn't mention it, the whole point of the pref is basically to make sure you get desktop notifications of new mail pop up, even when the main window is not open. So I think any improvement should at least mention notifications.

Definitely. But I'm not sure that this is how really works.
I remember I used that preference for a while maybe last year and I did not receive any notification. Perhaps I checked only "watch for new mail" and not "Show notifications of new mail"? That would mean that to have notifications in background you need to check also the other preference. I can't remember if Notifications settings were already present in older versions of GNOME (3.24 or 3.22).

Yeah, I do now agree that mentioning notifications in the pref's text is a bad idea, since it depends on another Geary pref and your desktop settings to actually make notifications show up.

For me the purpose of "always watch for new mail" was downloading messages while I was doing something else, so when I opened Geary I didn't have to wait for the sync and I could start reading right away. I have the feeling that this may be the main feature to offer, and leave the other options (launch at login, notifications) handled by the desktop as in any other app. No overlap of configurations: if I can enable/disable the same configuration in two different places, it's going to be a mess.

Yep, I tend to agree with this as well.

This is what I would describe as:
Preference: "Keep downloading new mail after quitting"
Tooltip: "Geary will keep running in background when closed (new mail ready to be read right away)"

Since "Keep downloading new mail" might not be true in some glorious future where we don't always download a complete message when it arrives, and since "after quitting" doesn't implicitly cover when people simply close the main window, I'd suggest a more succinct version:

Preference: Watch for new mail when closed
Tooltip: Geary will keep running after quitting or all windows are closed

Another thought: Maybe the Quit app menu item should be replaced with Close when this pref is enabled, then we don't even need to include the text "quitting or" in the tooltip.

What do people think?

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