Re: [Geary] Account without email address [WAS:Re: issues with Wayland]

Il giorno dom 18 set 2016 alle 9:14, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> ha scritto:

[CC'ing the list again]

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 9:57 PM, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> wrote:
The problem is with fede redacted it (which I added to Geary on my work computer about 10 days ago, more or less). In fact there's a single geary.ini for that account, but the primary email is empty:

Hmm, that's pretty weird. Were you running master at the time you created that account? If so, do you know what date/revision it was from?

Yes, but I can't remember which date/revision. Probably during week 36.

Also, there isn't anything strange going on with ~/.config/geary and ~/.local/share/geary is there - one being a symlink to another or something? Are any of the directories in those dirs symlinks?

No symlink.

I've added my address to primary_email in the relevant geary.ini file and now the email address appears in the account settings. But the From address, when I reply to an email (didn't check when starting a new mail), is still empty and I cannot change it. Where does it come from? Please note that imap_user and smtp_user have a different value from primary_email in this account.

By the way, I've moved .local/share/geary elsewhere to be sure that nothing was creating conflict.

If you have other ideas, I'll try next week. Otherwise I'll remove the account and add it back again.


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