[Geary] Account without email address [WAS:Re: issues with Wayland]

Il giorno gio 15 set 2016 alle 17:31, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> ha scritto:
Another issue, maybe not related with Wayland (I should restart the session with X and verify), is that I have now a new strange identity: Federico Bruni <>

that is my name and an empty email address.
When I replied to an email (not sent to me but to an alias email), that was my default from field and I could not change it. This seems to affect replies only.

Definitely not related with Wayland.
The problem is that in one of my accounts the email address is missing. What is more strange, I cannot add it. It seems that I can only delete and recreate it from scratch.


I'm using the latest master..

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