Re: [Geary] Geary title bar on Ubuntu

Hi Mike,

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 5:34 AM, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> wrote:
I'll look at getting some patches to avoid using CSD under Unity, unless someone wants to have a go at it. *nudge nudge*. Avoiding using a HeaderBar might be more invasive. A good place to start is where the workarounds were pulled out in 7b37e26, but there's been a bunch of changes since then

Ok. I filed it here:

But looking at 7b37e26, IMHO, these workarounds are simple, does the job well and not so difficult to maintain. The unity specific codes can simply go under 

if (GearyApplication.instance.is_running_unity) {


.....without touching anything else. As far I can understand these workarounds basically do two things:

1. it makes Geary uses traditional titlebar instead of headerbar for both main window and detached composer window.
2. It depends on Unity's indicator-datetime to get the user preference of time format (12 hour or 24 hour).

As for gedit, you can look at gedit's no-csd patch here: which is much more complicated.

and there is some stuff in there I'd rather not bring back.

Which stuff? Can you clarify? If you do not want to get it patched upstream, you can always carry the patch only for Ubuntu, under debian/patches. I am absolutely fine with that.


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