[Geary] Geary title bar on Ubuntu

On the upcoming Ubuntu release 16.10 (Yakkety), both Geary 0.11.2 (which is available from the Ubuntu repo) and Geary master display a single unified title bar that includes the system close/maximize/minimize buttons as well as all of Geary's icons.  This is problematic for 2 reasons:

1. It looks inconsistent with the rest of the Ubuntu desktop, where other applications have a title bar that includes only the application name and close/maximize/minimize buttons; application-specific icons appear in a separate bar below that.

2. If I set Ubuntu's setting "Show the menus for a window" to "In the window's title bar", then the Geary menu is inaccessible.

Mike, should I file a Bugzilla bug about this, which would mean that you and/or other Geary contributors feel at least somewhat responsible for fixing this?  Or should I instead file this at Ubuntu's Launchpad, which would mean this should be considere d an Ubuntu integration issue?


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