Re: [Geary] Fixes needed for Geary search translations

Hi Anita,

On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 4:02 PM, Anita Reitere <nitalynx gmail com> wrote:
Are you sure that translating these strings is a good idea? We don't translate option flags for command-line programs, or formula markup in LaTeX or LibreOffice.

True, but the search box is very much part of the end-user UI, rather than one of those more technical aspects. I feel that it would be similar to not having menu items translated, so seems worthwhile still.

Perhaps it might be possible to support both the original and the translated keywords in parallel?

That is the approach I've taken - both the localised and English versions will now work. It's also useful since the User Guide isn't as widely translated as the UI. So in cases where it hasn't been, at least what the English manual says will still work, and users may discover the localised versions through change or word of mouth.


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