[Geary] Geary not working with office 365


I recently installed elementary OS and Geary came as the default email client with it. I am completely transitioning to Linux from windows now. I love Geary, however the only problem I am facing is with configuration of my Office 365 email. It configures on all other email clients except Geary.

I'm sorry if this question has been asked earlier, but I couldn't find any solution. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me with configuring Office 365 on Geary.

After putting in the following IMAP settings I still get an error saying "SMTP connection error".
Incoming server settings:
server name: outlook.office365.com
port: 993
Encryption: SSL

Outgoing server settings:
server name: smtp.office365.com
port: 587
Encryption: TLS


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