Re: [Geary] Not able to log in a @gmail account with "Less secure apps" access disabled

On 26/03/15 00:06, Christopher James Halse Rogers wrote:
GOA provides an OAuth2 token to clients; GOA support would indeed resolve
the ‘less secure apps’ problem.

Yes, that's what I understood as well after Jim explained the same thing to
me in bugzilla. He also filed a new bug[1] since it seems that the other
missing bit in Geary, besides integration with GOA to get the OAuth token
handed from there, is to support an OAuth2 based authentication mechanism
both for SMTP and IMAP.

My branch on the UOA bug had much of the work required to support the
XOAUTH2 SASL method, which is a requirement for GOA/UOA support. I guess
other person on the UOA bug didn't end up with much more free time than me,
so I might start hacking on it again.

Thanks for pointing that out. I will definitely take a look to the code
there if I finally find myself working on this task, still figuring out a
few things before making that decision.



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