Re: [Geary] Not able to log in a @gmail account with "Less secure apps" access disabled

On 20/03/15 16:41, Robert Schroll wrote:
I believe that Google now considers anything not using OAuth2 to be "less
secure."  (See
Geary does not support OAuth2 authentication at present.  I'm assuming that
Evolution does.

That explains a lot. At the moment I configured my email account through GOA
and that works in Evolution perfectly, so my assumption is also that either
GOA or evolution seems to be implementing OAuth2.

There's been some work on this in the context of enabling Gnome and Ubuntu
Online Accounts (bugs 714876 and 714877).  It's not yet functional, and
there hasn't been any work on it as of late.

That's interesting, as integration with GOA would be perfect for me in this
precise case. I saw the blog post in [1] and got the feeling that GOA was
not going to happen, but that was probably a misinterpretation of mine.

I'll take a look to those pointers then.



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