[Geary] Email with Attachment larger than approx 3 MB's stays in outbox and other request


I've been looking forever for a light footprint html capable email client and looks like Geary is a terrific 
Hopefully, development and bug fixing will continue and we can get a version 1.0 soon.

I only have a couple of issues, and before I open up a new bug ticket (on #1 below), I wanted to make sure I 
was not going about it the wrong way.

1) When I send an email with an attachments of approx 2 or 3 MB's, the email at times IS sent but not written 
to "Sent/FCC" folder and stays in Outbox; I get an error message as such: "could not be written to Sent 
folder" (Something of the sort, I can test more and get the exact text of message.)

At times, the message does get sent, at other times it doesn't (or at least it is not obvious whether it has 
really been sent or not.)

I saw bug 714053 but this mentions a 25 MB attachment (I would never send such a large file via email) and I 
do not know if this is the same bug or not.

This issue is really a problem for anyone who has to send documents or presentations on a regular basis--as I 
do; usually open doc formats or PDF's.  SO I believe this is an urgent bug (IMHO).

2) Are there any plans to incorporate foreign language spell check and if so which and when?

3) Are there any plans to have geary capable of looking up addresses in an LDAP directory or Gnome Contacts; 
and if so which and when?


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