[Geary] Icon/LAyout - Geary

Hi, great app! 

I had a couple of suggestions (not bugs, yaay) but they're really minor, just saying...

As for layout, is it a good idea to have the Reply icons etc in the bottom right instead of the top left? This is where the body of the email text of course ends and it seems natural to have it all over to the right hand side. Saving that an editable panel fur the user? Possibly a dockable toolbar up the right hand side even?

Also, the ability to edit the position of the inboxes as many people might not create accounts in order of "importance" or, sometimes, if there's a problem accounts may be deleted and reactivated thus having the most used inbox now at the bottom of the list instead of the top etc.

This is all really splitting hairs I know I just want to get these ideas over and didn't know the best way to do it!

Thanks again! Cheers.

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