Re: [Geary] term Storage in the accounts dialog

This is something we discussed internally a bit.  We really didn't want to trouble the user with a lot of details and terms about database, disk space, and so forth.  "Storage" was the simplest English term we could come up with to encapsulate what the preference selection was affecting.  (Incidentally, we also plan on adding another Preference checkbox under the existing combo box, to the effect of "Delete email older than above value"; see

It's possible we could change the term to "Local Storage".  Does that suggest an appropriate Italian translation for you?

-- Jim

On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 2:03 AM, fede inventati org wrote:
During the proofreading with the italian team it came out that Storage may not be the best word in the context of the accounts dialog. It's the word used to introduce the section where the syncronization time is set (download last x emails). I have hard time translating it into italian, because I would use Archivio, which is already used for Archive, so in a different meaning. So I was tempted to translate it very freely as Synchronization, but a proofreader pointed out that I should have asked the developers first and maybe propose a change. It's not just about the italian translation.. Storage is really the best word to describe that section? What do you think? Thanks Federico _______________________________________________ geary-list mailing list geary-list gnome org

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