Re: [gdm-list] GDM power manager/screen saver

2010/11/7 Alexander Todorov <atodorov redhat com>:
> I've tried your suggestion but it didn't work for me. I forgot to mention
> that I'm using GDM 2.16 (and not 2.30 or newer as in F13) where
> gnome-power-manager doesn't seem to be running when the user is not logged
> in.
> How does the screen go blank with earlier versions of gdm?

I'm not sure how it worked, but it probably just used whatever is the
default DPMS timeouts of the X server. Maybe that version of gdm can
run a script at startup where you can set those values with "xset".
Try "xset -h" and check what options you need to put in it to handle
the DPMS timeout values you want.


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