Re: [gdm-list] multiple at-spi starting commands


I'd think there should just be on at-spi-registryd per-user.  You
would need to test and see if there are problems with starting more
than one instance of it.

I have been told that the automatic start of at-spi-registryd in ubuntu has probably been disabled on purpose because of incompatibilities with certain hardware.

This seems badly broken to me.  What incompatibilities?  Are there
bugs filed about these issues?  I assume that Ubuntu doesn't disable
starting at-spi-registryd in the user's session.  If it works okay
in the session, how does hardware issues create problems for GDM

So I will add a gesture to start at-spi. Will I have to make sure that the command to start at-spi is only given once? Or will subsequent commands to start at-spi remain without effect, once at-spi is running?

Starting it via a gesture is less usable and probably prone to error.
I'd recommend working to fix the incompaitibiles with certain hardware
issues.  As a temporary workaround so you can focus on your more
interesting task of integrating onscreen, it's okay.  But it seems a
little odd to expect an end user to know they need to start a
daemon by hand before they can run AT programs.


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