Re: [gdm-list] face browser in graphical login manager greyed out until typing name.

Op di 14-02-2006, om 03:58 schreef Brian Cameron:

> What version of GDM are you using?

GDM, if you like I step on to

> You may need to set "IncludeAll" in your gdm configuration to true.

> Or you can leave "IncludeAll" false and put specific users you want to
> see in the Face Browser in the "Include" list.

> Does this make it work better?

Neither of these options make a difference, sorry.

> There are some problems with certain face browser enabled themes not working if they
> do not have "pam-message" in the theme.  If you are having the problem
> with happygnome-list, then this shouldn't be a problem since it 
> definately should have this.

I think that does pin-point the problem, my syslog is telling me:
Theme broken: must have pam-message label
That message also is there with happygnome-list!
Groetjes Japie

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