Re: [gdm-list] face browser in graphical login manager greyed out until typing name.


What theme are you using?  Are you using the default theme
that supports face browser that comes with GDM (e.g. happygnome-list)?
If you are using a different theme, do you see the same problem when
using happygnome-list?

If happygnome-list works but the theme you are using does not, I'd
bet the problem is that the theme is missing a needed component.  Does
it have a pam-message defined in the theme's XML file?  If not, does
adding one make a difference?  It should be easy to add just see how
it is defined in happygnome-list's XML file.

Hope this helps.


Like the header says, my faces in the face browser are greyed out until
I type in a name and pres ENTER.
After that I can click on any name and the name:fields chages
I'am using
Is this a bug or an misconfiguration?

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