Re: [gdm-list] face browser in graphical login manager greyed out until typing name.


What version of GDM are you using?

What theme are you using?

I'am using an self adapted version of "Mozi" and added the face browser
to it from happygnome-list.

do you see the same problem when using happygnome-list?

Unfortunatly happygnome-list beheives the same way.

You may need to set "IncludeAll" in your gdm configuration to true.  Run
gdmsetup and go to the User tab and check the "Include All" user checkbox if you want all users on the system to be in the face dialog.
Or you can leave "IncludeAll" false and put specific users you want to
see in the Face Browser in the "Include" list.

Does this make it work better?

Also make sure that none of the users that you want in the FaceBrowser
have a uid value less than MinimalUID defined in the GDM configuration.

Does it have a pam-message defined in the theme's XML file?  If not, does
adding one make a difference?

PAM is defined, but I don't have PAM on my system, I yust removed it
from the theme but that didn't help (yust a long shot).
gdm is build with: ./configure --prefix=/usr --libexecdir=/usr/lib/gdm
--sysconfdir=/etc/gnome --localstatedir=/var/lib
--enable-authentication-scheme=shadow --enable-shared=yes
--enable-static=no --with-xinerama=no --with-xdmcp=no
--with-tcp-wrappers=no --with-dmx=no --with-gnu-ld --with-x
--with-prefetch=yes --with-xevie=no

You should not have removed anything from the theme.  There are some
problems with certain face browser enabled themes not working if they
do not have "pam-message" in the theme.  If you are having the problem
with happygnome-list, then this shouldn't be a problem since it definately should have this. Now that you've removed it from the theme,
you might have to put it back for it to really work.


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