Re: [gdm-list] face browser in graphical login manager greyed out until typing name.


GDM, if you like I step on to

You may need to set "IncludeAll" in your gdm configuration to true.

Or you can leave "IncludeAll" false and put specific users you want to
see in the Face Browser in the "Include" list.

Does this make it work better?

Neither of these options make a difference, sorry.

There are some problems with certain face browser enabled themes not working if they
do not have "pam-message" in the theme.  If you are having the problem
with happygnome-list, then this shouldn't be a problem since it definately should have this.

I think that does pin-point the problem, my syslog is telling me:
Theme broken: must have pam-message label
That message also is there with happygnome-list!

Looking at CVS head, the happygnome-circles theme XML file does have the
pam-message and pam-error defined.  I'm not sure how it wouldn't be in
happygnome-list. I see the following in the theme's XML file (immediately after the "cancel_button" <item></item> tags.

      <item type="label" id="pam-message">
        <pos anchor="n" x="50%"/>
        <normal color="#000000" font="Sans 12"/>
      <item type="label" id="pam-error">
        <pos anchor="n" x="50%" y="110%"/>
        <normal color="#000000" font="Sans 12"/>

Make sure your theme XML file also looks like this.

Do you get the error message to your syslog even when the theme has
these in the theme file like this?


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